20 Things We’re Thankful for After 20 Years in Business


With 20 years in business under our belts, Mindgrub has been at the forefront of some of the most groundbreaking and meaningful technological advancements of the century–and we never would have made it this far without people, organizations, tools, and circumstances too great to count. We have started counting, though 20 things aren’t nearly enough to tell our story. To the incalculable number of incredible people who have brought their passion, innovation, humor, and support to our organization and community–thank you; we’re here because of you. 

Here are 20 things we’re thankful for on our 20th year in business:

1. Baltimore

Baltimore is our home–even if our HQ is headed into the metaverse! We love Baltimore so much, we even merged the NattyBoh logo with our own, and then made t-shirts! The Baltimore community has brought so much love, support, and inspiration to Mindgrub–and we think we’ve delivered on those things as well. 

2. A rapidly evolving digital era

Today, a strong digital presence is more important than ever–and in recent years, almost every industry has felt the pressure to elevate their digital customer experience. Mindgrub has always been a leader on this front and we’re so thankful to help other organizations establish the best and most innovative technology for their customers. 

3. Local organizations that are making a difference in our community

Our Baltimore community has always been a top priority of ours and we know that other leaders in the area feel the same way. We're proud to have organizations like Improving Education, BARCS, Respite Retreats, Code in the Schools, and Living Classrooms–all of which are impacting different aspects of the Baltimore community today. 

4. The ability to give back 

And speaking of making a difference, we love to give back as much as we can to those in our community. Our Giving Committee and events like the annual Golf Tournament raise awareness and funds for charities like the ones listed above. 

5. Grammarly

When we’re drafting emails, proposals, or really anything at all, Grammarly is a game changer! Unusually stuck on the correct use of “effect” vs “affect?” Grammarly’s there! Frustrated with a verb that doesn’t sound quite right? No worries. Grammarly ensures our writing is top-notch---and that we don’t get stuck overthinking the spelling of “entrepreneur.” 

6. Our clients 

Our clients have allowed us to stretch our creative and innovative nature and ultimately achieve more than we ever thought possible. Without their business, support, and the growing community that has resulted from working with them, Mindgrub wouldn’t be the leading technology company it is today. 

7. The smartphone

The smartphone was a driving force behind the conception of Mindgrub. After the technology boom that surfaced in the early 2000s, Todd Marks (our Founder & CEO) realized that tech was quickly moving to live in the palm-sized devices we know and love today. Mobile apps set the stage for Mindgrub and allowed us to make a name for ourselves as industry leaders (and as one of the first mobile app developers on the east coast!). 

8. Fun Committee

A team dedicated to organizing creative company activities, you say? That’s Mindgrub’s Fun Committee! This group plans events like Mindgrub’s Games for Good, which was recognized as a finalist in Ragan’s Workplace Wellness Awards. The team has also been known to host things like ‘Mindgrub Cribs,’ our take on the MTV original, which served as one of our 20 internal activities celebrating our 20th anniversary!

9. Figma

Every day, we discover new tricks and features within Figma that make it easier to collaborate, ideate, and save time across teams. Whether we’re building mobile apps, comic strips, or holiday concepts, it’s always a smooth and fun experience.

“I'm grateful for the many Mindgrubbers that make up our team. I'm grateful for their passion and dedication, their curiosity and inclusivity, their thoughtfulness and creativity. They inspire me every day.” - Ben Slavin, SVP of Strategy and Design

10. Flexibility 

As a fully remote company, Mindgrubbers can work from anywhere and enjoy the benefits of flexible working hours. Not only has this opened up the opportunity to work with a wider variety of talented folks all over the country (and in some cases, the world,) but it has also allowed us to prioritize our health, time with friends and family, and travel! Work/life balance hasn’t always been a priority in our industry, but that’s not the case at Mindgrub! 

11. The Internet 

As a leading technology organization that got its start building and designing websites, Mindgrub wouldn’t even exist without the Internet! From websites to digital marketing, all the way to emerging tech, Mindgrub designs, builds and maintains nearly every aspect of this ever-evolving digital world. 

12. Gratitude tacos 🌮

Thank you’s, but make them fun (and rewarding)! At Mindgrub, we use a Slack plugin called ‘HeyTaco’ that allows coworkers to send their thanks, birthday wishes, congratulations, and any other uplifting message to one another via virtual tokens called ‘tacos’. As an added bonus, they’re redeemable for merch, gift cards, and more! 

“I'm grateful to be part of such an innovative company that feels like home–where every day is a new and exciting adventure.” - Kim Paradise, Chief of Staff

13. WordPress Gutenberg Editor

A beautiful content editor that allows users to modify a page and experience the final product in real time, the new and improved WordPress Gutenberg Editor has been an incredible tool for streamlining processes and cutting down on time and effort. From developers to designers, Mindgrubbers in a number of departments love this versatile tool! 

14. Sidekicks

Ever started a job and felt a bit overwhelmed with new information, new coworkers, and new tools? That’s where Mindgrub’s Sidekick initiative comes in! Upon joining the team, new Mindgrubbers are assigned a seasoned Sidekick to guide them through onboarding processes, as well as introduce them to fellow team members they may not otherwise get to know. 

15. A culture that encourages professional development and ongoing education

Between our attended webinars, conferences, and diverse networking opportunities, we’ve cultivated a culture that ensures Mindgrubbers of all departments and seniorities have a space to not only learn and grow, but also to teach and help others grow as well. Not to mention, we host our very own Lunch & Learn series and Mindgrub TEN Talks where Mindgrubbers are able to present their chosen area of expertise to their peers, and then take questions!

16. Donuts

More than a sweet morning treat, Donuts are randomly scheduled chats for Mindgrubbers to get to know each other! This Slack extension sends out automated messages to bring the team closer together (and to answer interesting questions that help us get to know each other)! 

17. Our 290 Slack channels

That’s right–we have nearly 300 Slack channels for everything from client projects to foodies! Need a break from reading emails and talking shop? The #misc-pets channel is always good for a smile. Want to take a moment to learn more about your coworkers? Check out the #mindgrub-donut-watercooler channel for thoughtful questions and introspective answers! No matter what you’re into, Mindgrub has a Slack channel (and community) for you. 

“I am grateful for my Mindgrub team. Every day is a new venture and I am grateful that I share it with such dedicated, smart, and caring people.” - Shalisa Mohamed, Mindgrub COO

18. Caffeine

Team Mindgrub has been known to guzzle an entire keg of coffee before 9 am–our team was a bit jittery, but certainly productive that day! Needless to say, caffeine has been and always will be of the utmost importance at Mindgrub HQ and beyond. 

19. HubSpot

HubSpot has not only helped to save time and money over the years, but it has also allowed us to connect with our clients, community, and various contacts over meaningful content, events, and more. In fact, it’s our one-stop shop! We manage emails, blogs, landing pages, marketing automation, and track our deals–all with ease and in the same place. With abundant marketing and sales information stored within, HubSpot has been an integral part of our work. 

20. Fellow Mindgrubbers 

Team Mindgrub is comprised of so many smart, dedicated, innovative people that are always willing to help out. Not to mention–whether we’re in team meetings, handing out free ice cream to clients, or hosting a local happy hour, we’re always laughing! Past, current, and future Mindgrubbers are not only what propel us forward, but are also what makes Mindgrub feel like home. 

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