7 Ways to Use Social Media Creatively in 2022


Like it or not, social media is here to stay. As of early 2022, penetration in the market stands at 58 percent, with numbers expected to increase year over year.

Users flocking to social media will continue to rise as well. It's predicted that users will increase from 3.6 billion currently to over 4.4 billion worldwide by 2025.

What can you do to increase your social media presence?

With these figures in mind, there are some tried-and-true ways for business owners to boost engagement on their social media channels. These 7 tips can work during any season, whether you’re brand new to owning a business or you’ve been running multiple businesses for years.

Tip #1: Use long-form content to create shareable soundbites.

The volume of webinars and long-form video content has increased exponentially. Following the cancellation of in-person events has now resulted in an increase in online opportunities for presentations. This isn’t a bad thing, but consumers want to see how your brand can stick out when it comes to educational and useful webinar content. 

If you’re struggling with low registration numbers, create small, shareable soundbites instead. One way to do this is to host a panel discussion with partners. Record this panel discussion and then break each question down into more easily digested, shareable content that can be viewed on demand. Using soundbites and other similar content will let your followers see your brand’s personality and inspire them to sign up for other events in the future. 

You can then share these content pieces with each participant to disseminate among their respective channels. This will not only amplify your message but also get more eyes on your content, increasing brand awareness.

Tip #2: Create infographics.

Infographics are another great way to get social media users interested in your brand and content. These are eye-pleasing graphics that allow you to take complex topics and turn them into easier-to-read and digestible content.

You only get a few seconds to grab someone’s attention as they scroll through a feed on social media. As marketers continue to push more content than ever before, users are becoming more discerning of what they spend their time on before they start scrolling again.

Using free resources like Canva.com can help you create eye-catching visual content that commands your followers' time.

Tip #3: Pair virtual events with physical giveaways.

Want a great way to stand out from all the other marketers and event organizers online? Consider pairing your virtual event or webinar with a tangible, in-person gift. This can be done giveaway-style or as an incentive for people to register for your event or webinar.

Physical items don’t have to cost much and can offer a partnership between your brand and product companies, service providers, and advocacy groups. Branded gifts can include your own branding, their branding, or both.

Entice them with your freebie, then wow them with your content.

Tip #4: Use live streaming so others can stay connected.

Most social media channels offer live streaming for both personal and business accounts. This is your chance to bring the event to them by live streaming what’s happening, as it happens. 

Live streaming can provide a lifeline to those at home and also offer a form of communication as you interact with viewers. Leading up to the event, post on your channel when you plan to go live so those interested can tune in during your broadcast.

Tip #5: Complement your “official channels” with your personal presence.

Business owners typically have a social media marketing strategy that doesn’t allow them to respond to or engage with breaking news on an ongoing basis. To contribute to these discussions in a meaningful way, consider using your personal accounts.

This tip may not work for everyone, depending on your reason for having a personal social media channel. However, this form of engagement can humanize your brand in a way that’s attractive and attention-grabbing to others.

Setting aside as little as 10 to 15 minutes each day to spend as a personal representative of your company can make a difference. A good way to do this is to apply the 70-30 rule: spend 70 percent of your time sharing other people’s content and 30 percent sharing your own.

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Tip #6: Has COVID-19 slowed social growth? Try storytelling.

Your customers chose to purchase from you over others in your industry. For many, it’s because they care about you and your team, and they want to see you succeed.

If your social growth has slowed and you’re unsure of what kind of content to create, consider storytelling to switch up your branded cadence. This can mean asking questions of your team, suppliers, vendors, etc. What got them into this line of business? What are their goals or passions?

This way, people can get to know your brand better and understand why you do what you do. After all, people want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. You can show them what your business is all about. 

Tip #7: Is thought leadership part of your mission? Connect with educators.

If advocacy or thought leadership are part of your value proposition, connect with educational institutions or directly with educators on social media channels like LinkedIn to discuss partnering.

Offer to be a guest lecturer or provide branded materials for instructional sessions. This will not only build brand awareness among local student populations but also build a talent pipeline for the future. Plus, you can practice online presentation skills that can translate into in-person events.

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In Conclusion

Driving engagement through social media post-COVID-19 may look a little different, but it’s a great way to get marketers and business owners out of their comfort zone and help them promote their brand.

By using some of these tips, you can make small changes to your social media marketing strategy to drive engagement and create a platform that can adapt when the need arises. Contact our team at Mindgrub to see how we can help your social media marketing.