44 Ways to Promote Your New Mobile Application


There are over 3.5 million apps in the Google Play store. The Apple app store has 2.2 million.

Smartphone users have, on average, more than 80 apps installed on their phones. This includes native apps that come preloaded on some phones, such as Messaging and Mail.

With so many apps in the store, and so few being used regularly, it’s no wonder one of the most difficult parts of managing a mobile application is attracting users.

So what can you do?

Without a proactive, coordinated marketing plan, the investments in designing, building, and testing your application could end up going to waste.  

To help, we’ve created a checklist of tactics to promote a new or recently-updated mobile app.

Mobile App Promotion Checklist

  • App store optimization (or ASO)

    • Make a list of the right keywords (try a free tool like Ubersuggest)
    • Include keywords in the title
    • Include keywords in the subtitle (Apple Store only)
    • Write a strong, clear description that includes target keywords
    • Include several high-quality screenshots and a demo video of the app that showcase the functionality and unique features
    • Include keywords in the Keywords field (Apple Store only)
    • Encourage ratings and reviews through automated email campaigns and user outreach

  • Create a press release (Never written a press release? Use these guidelines!)

    • Describe what makes your app newsworthy
    • Include screenshots and videos
    • Generate and repurpose user testimonials
    • Include a short company description and website link
    • Prepare your accompanying email
    • Send it off to your press contacts!

  • Submit your app to sites that review mobile apps

  • Apply for mobile application awards, like the Best Mobile App Awards

  • Offer a discount for purchases made in the app, or an in-app coupon that can be used in store

  • Promote on your website

    • Create a dedicated landing page that showcases your app’s features and unique abilities, pictures, and videos
    • Include links to download the application in each of the app stores
    • Write a blog post highlighting your app’s unique features
    • Create a pop-up for your mobile website suggesting users switch to the app experience
    • Don’t have a website? Consider creating one to give influencers and press contacts a place to direct their audience should they want to learn more

  • Promote on social media

    • Share your landing page on social media accounts
    • Once your press release is picked up, share that too!
    • Repurpose and share glowing reviews from users or third-party review sites (with permission, of course)
    • Brag about any awards your app wins
    • Feature your app in your profile picture and cover photos
    • Craft eye-catching paid social ads
    • Facebook offers App Install Ads that take users right to their app store
    • Dedicate a higher percentage of your ad spend to “mobile” users, so they can switch over quickly from a social media app to the app store
    • Offer sneak peeks leading up to the app launch
    • After the launch, share screenshots to give potential users an idea of what they can expect
    • Leverage the power of video (share that demo video!)
    • Ask your influencers to post or blog about the app or write a review
    • Inform followers when you release a new app update
    • Share discounts or in-app coupons on social media
  • Promote in your email newsletter

    • Send out an email announcing the release of your app
    • Explain why the email recipient should be excited
    • Include information on unique features
    • Incorporate a banner promoting your app into all email templates
    • Add a link to download your app to your personal email signature
    • Share discounts or in-app coupons with subscribers
    • Tell your readers about those reviews and awards!

There’s a lot that goes into promoting a mobile app, but it's well worth it! Getting people’s attention (and their downloads) is possible. All it takes is a great app and a well-planned marketing strategy.

Not sure where to begin when it comes to marketing your mobile app? Don’t worry, our digital marketing team is ready to help. Contact our team for more information!