How do you optimize old, outdated content? [Food for Thought]

Did you know that optimizing your older blog posts can boost your website's organic traffic?

By updating outdated blogs, you can breath new life into your content, rank higher in search results, and increase your value in the eyes of your readers.

In this episode of Food for Thought, Digital Marketing Lead Hannah Spurrier walks us through 5 simple ways to refresh an old blog post.

Give it a watch and share what piece of content you'll be updating first in the comments below! 



The Highlights:

5 Ways to Update Outdated Content:

  • Include new research
  • Write a new page title and meta description
  • Add new images and media
  • Update your keywords
  • Link to new posts

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In each episode of Food for Thought, we give one of our Mindgrub experts five minutes or less to make us an expert on an important part of their job. In exchange, they're rewarded with their favorite snack (it's quite literally "food" for "thought").

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