Panel: B2B Marketing | Navigating the New Normal

B2B Marketing and Growth | A Mindgrub Speaker Series Event

As we shift from these uncertain times to the new normal, B2B marketers have faced a never-ending stream of challenges: Is it okay to “sell”? How can we best help our customers right now? Are we prepared to do everything remotely? Do we need to undergo a digital transformation or can we “wait this out”? 

Mindgrub Director of Marketing Laura Scruggs joined four of the leading voices in B2B marketing and growth to discuss how businesses have amended their marketing strategies, the future of marketing and sales alignment, ways the pandemic may have changed B2B marketing for the better, and more. 

Our panel included: 

Watch the full recording below or use the highlights guide to find your next lightbulb moment. 



  • 5:02 | How prioritizing "doing the right thing" can help your customers, your community, and your competitive advantage

  • 10:00 | How teams can lead with empathy and offer valuable support to prospects and customers

  • 12:14 | Changing your mindset from "selling something" to "helping people" by asking questions and adding value

  • 15:07 | How to deliver a safe but positive experience for traditionally technology-averse buyer segments (and what that means for your digital roadmap)

  • 18:57 | What business buyers need first in times of uncertainty (spoiler alert: it's not a product, it's consultative support!)

  • 23:47 | The importance of being approachable and communicative with prospects and clients - even when you might now have all the answers they seek right away

  • 27:36 | How you can maintain a personal connection with people in your network while working remotely

  • 34:00 | Why your internal audience is just as important as your external audience when planning crisis communications

  • 42:05 | Creative ways to remove the friction from the purchase process and customer support experience using digital platforms

  • 44:02 | Ways to right-size the client experience based on the level of support a buyer desires using a "channel of choice" philosophy

  • 45:45 | How the pandemic has impacted the B2B marketing landscape for the better

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