What is social engineering? [Food for Thought]

Welcome to Food for Thought! A video series where Mindgrubbers share their wisdom on complex topics and we reward them with their favorite snacks - quite literally food for thought.

In this first episode, our IT Manager Tom Evans gives a quick rundown of social engineering and explains what steps you can take to protect your company.

Give it a watch and drop your questions about social engineering in the comments below. 


The Highlights:

  • Social engineering: using trust and deception to manipulate people in order to gain access to personal information, confidential information, money, documents, or other information that may be used for fraudulent purposes
  • Prevent social engineering with training. Train your employees to recognize signs of social engineering, and teach them to question who they're talking to, why they're sharing data, and if they should be sharing that data. 

In each episode of Food for Thought, we give one of our Mindgrub experts five minutes or less to make us an expert on an important part of their job. In exchange, they're rewarded with their favorite snack (it's quite literally "food" for "thought").

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