3 Tips for Better Requirements Gathering [Food for Thought]

Requirements gathering is commonly known as the most crucial step in the software development lifecycle.

It's the phase where your team dives into the details and nails down exactly what the client wants from your project. By discussing all relevant information with the client, you can kick off your project knowing you are on the same page.  

In this episode of Food for Thought, Proposal Manager Todd Blackmon explains three things you absolutely must do in order to gather exceptional requirements.

Give it a watch below. 


The Highlights:

3 Tips for Excellent Requirements Gathering:

  • The more time with the client, the more refined and accurate your requirements will be
  • Do your research and ask questions in the client meeting
      • Come to the meeting knowing the client's who, what, where, why, and how
  • Follow up
      • Don't work in a silo - address questions, comments, concerns on both sides.


In each episode of Food for Thought, we give one of our Mindgrub experts five minutes or less to make us an expert on an important part of their job. In exchange, they're rewarded with their favorite snack (it's quite literally "food" for "thought").

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