What makes a good password? [Food for Thought]

Creating a new password can be tricky and - if we're being honest - frustrating. You want a secure password, one that won't be easily guessed or hacked. But what makes a good password? And how do you make sure your information is safe?

In this episode of Food for Thought, our Director of Web Engineering Brian Thompson dives into the world of password security and reveals the secret to creating a top-secret password.

Give it a watch and drop your questions about password security in the comments below. 



The Highlights:

When it comes to passwords, good ones:
  • Have as many characters as possible
  • Include at least one uppercase letter
  • Include at least one lowercase letter
  • Include at least one special character
  • Include at least one number

Don't stress about remembering your passwords, instead use a password manager to store all of your long, complicated, gobbledegook codes. 1Password and LastPass are great options, as well as the password vaults that are built into Apple devices and your browser.

Want to see if any of your passwords are vulnerable? Visit haveibeenpwnd.com and type in your email to see if any of your accounts have been compromised. 

In each episode of Food for Thought, we give one of our Mindgrub experts five minutes or less to make us an expert on an important part of their job. In exchange, they're rewarded with their favorite snack (it's quite literally "food" for "thought").

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