The Coolest HubSpot Product Updates from INBOUND [Food for Thought]

As a HubSpot Gold Agency Partner, you could say that we're big fans of the platform.

We're shaking things up in this episode of Food for Thought and bringing you a recap from INBOUND19.

Director of Marketing Laura Scruggs is here to share 7 of the coolest new HubSpot product updates - in just 3 minutes!

Take a listen and let us know which update you're most excited for in the comments. 

The highlights:

HubSpot took user feedback into consideration and announced these 7 super-cool updates at INBOUND19.

For users who said "Make it easier"

  • De-duplication tool
  • More drag-and-drop editing
  • B2B "buy now" button

For users who said "Give me more!"

  • Expansion of the app marketplace
  • Adaptive page testing
  • Multi-touch attribution report (!!!)

For users who said "I'm on a budget"

  • Added functionality to the free level of the CRM
      • Up to $1,000 in monthly ad spend
      • 2,000 emails a month

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