4 Tips for Better Operations Onboarding [Food for Thought]

There's a lot of informational ground to cover when a new employee joins your team. Of course, you have the basics - a tour of the office, meeting the team, setting up their new laptop, and an overview of your insurance plans and benefits. 

But what about your day-to-day operations?

In this episode of Food for Thought, Lead Project Manager Rachel Verhaaren shares her 4 tips for covering the nitty-gritty and making sure your new hires feel both welcomed and well-informed.



The highlights:

Your new employee has their list of to-dos, but do they know:

  • How to interact with other people in your organization
  • All the products/services your company offers
  • How to use tools that may not be integral to their day-to-day role

Set your new employee up for long-term success by teaching them the ins and outs of these four things during your operations onboarding:

  1. Teams
  2. Tasking
  3. Project Methodologies
  4. Tools & Tips

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