Deep Dive: Salesforce Integration for Clinical Care Coordination Leader

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We’re proud to introduce the Deep Dive series on the Mindgrub blog, through which we’ll break down our approach to complex software integration challenges. Our first installment in the series will showcase our work with QualityCare Connect by ArmadaHealth, a custom healthcare coordination portal connecting patients with high-quality providers.

ArmadaHealth is a leading health data science and services company that combines the power of big data with clinical insights to connect consumers with high-quality healthcare. Their mission is to remove the friction in the healthcare continuum for patients and their families, from finding a physician to scheduling an appointment to receiving care and beyond.

The goal

Mindgrub worked with ArmadaHealth to develop their proprietary QualityCare Navigator Agent Portal, which enabled ArmadaHealth to be the first in its industry to create a Navigation-as-a-Service outsourcing business, marketed to other businesses that help healthcare consumers with broader services that include clinical navigation. In effect, this solution enables ArmadaHealth’s B2B customers to easily access its market-leading technology and best practices in clinical navigation for the consumers that they support (e.g. health plans, care coordination, advocacy services and primary care).

This completely custom application was built using GraphQL at the API layer and Angular/Typescript for the frontend. Integrating the QualityCare Navigator Agent Portal with Salesforce, ArmadaHealth’s CRM system of record, was a critical part of the initiative’s goal.

Why Salesforce?

It was important to the ArmadaHealth team to build a custom portal that would function within their existing technological ecosystem, within which Salesforce workflow plays a major role.

Furthermore, Armada’s Salesforce stores PHI and PII and is HIPAA compliant. The QualityCare Navigator system processes members’ personally-identifiable information (or PII) that is protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), so it was vital for the integration between Salesforce and the customer-facing portal to be secure.

The integration roadmap

The most important indicator of success for the integration between the custom portal and ArmadaHealth’s Salesforce instance was the accuracy and effectiveness of the data mapping between the two systems.

We used GraphQL to connect to Salesforce SOAP APIs to send and retrieve data from Salesforce and populate the portal.

  • First, we created a detailed business process map that differentiated between actions that would be facilitated by the agent portal and actions that would take place within Salesforce. This detailed workflow documented how end users would interact with the portal to achieve the intended output (custom recommendations), how the custom portal would respond to that end user input, and the relationship between the UI layer, the middleware, and other integrations (for instance, an email service provider).
  • Then, we documented a detailed data mapping plan that determined how data, such as contact and insurance information, would flow between the agent portal and Salesforce. It was also during this step that we made sure “case status” information in Salesforce was reflected in an informative way in the agent portal. This gives users a real-time understanding of the status of their query (initiated, in progress, closed, etc.).

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  • Finally, the team documented business rules that were crucial to the integrated systems’ functionality, such as making sure eligibility and insurance plan changes reflect the most recent information available.

Our custom solution is integrated with other existing systems, as well. Our system re-used the existing questionnaire that ArmadaHealth built for their existing Member Portal, which allowed individual patients to answer questions in order to find the best provider, and optimized it for agent-entry. This allowed questions and answers to be edited in one place for all systems versus maintaining separate copies for the different systems.

Another system, Auth0, facilitates single sign-on for ArmadaHealth B2B customers.

More than just a seamless experience

Understanding and removing the points of friction for both patients and providers throughout the continuum of care makes an impact far beyond the digital realm. Utilizing ArmadaHealth’s services has proven to boost Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) scores and provide a more personalized approach to holistic healthcare.

Integrating ArmadaHealth’s Salesforce instance with their revolutionary systems empowers their team with valuable insights that can improve patient outcomes at scale.