Panel: Post-COVID-19 Cyber Hygiene: Securing Your Business’ Future in a Changed World

The coronavirus pandemic has created countless new opportunities for cyber criminals - but what happens when life returns to "normal" and some of those immediate security threats disappear?

Mindgrub CEO Todd Marks sat down with four of the leading voices in cybersecurity for a deep dive into post-COVID cyber health. Topics ranged from ways to reprioritize your cybersecurity initiatives, to managing greater risks with fewer resources, to finding ways to make cyber health part of your growth model. 

Our experts included:

Check out the full recording here, as well as the highlights listed below.


Show Notes:

  • 3:47: The most common attacks in the current pandemic era, and why businesses are more susceptible than usual
  • 7:11: The importance of delivering employee training remotely on an ongoing basis
  • 11:46: Why your entire organization needs to participate in training, monitoring, and defense
  • 14:52: The importance of employee training in the cybersecurity process
  • 16:27: Changes in infrastructure, and how companies should prepare for a more cloud-centric future
  • 19:54: Why your data is probably safer right now in the cloud than on-premises, and how to make that migration safely
  • 24:05: Challenges and opportunities associated with a reduction in human capital and cybersecurity budgets
  • 27:28: What to do if a phishing attempt succeeds and why it takes over 200 days, on average, to identify that an attack has occurred within an organization
  • 30:36: How can you protect data that’s being held and processed by a third party?
  • 34:28: How cybersecurity hygiene will become a core part of the vendor vetting process, and why you could lose business if you don’t have tools and documented processes in place
  • 38:25: The importance of network visibility: “You cannot protect what you cannot see.”

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